OfferUp being used as a dating site

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Wow @0317 ,Your rendezvous sound so romantic, cockatiels and quail. Be still my heart! You sure know how to sweep a prospective date off her feet. Thank goodness NO GUY LIKE YOU WOULD HIT ON A,WOMAN LIKE ME. Thank you lord. I feel so much safer now. Now you say you hit on married women as well in OU? Have you no scruples at all? The more you speak of using OU as a dating site, the more pathetic you sound. I like editing my replies, sue me. Whoops, here comes another edit. 😎 You should disable your notifications because i love love love to edit my replies.
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Yet @0317, you would date someone from OU, but not from a dating site. (scratching my head). OU needs to know about you. You are an honest to goodness perv. (I edit to correct my spelling errors. I like my replies to be perfect. Are your comma and upper case keys stuck again?)
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@0317, if you keep using OU long enough, you will be too old to date. Lolol. 😎
Goblin,unfortunately I can not buy all your offerup items. However, it seems as though you have this dating thing on lock for internet meet ups😉. I loved it,very funny!
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I think what @0317 does is called socializing, very normal human behavior that people seems to forget these days when many things are done online. Though I do sometimes suspect “he” is a robot with all the commas, his grammar programming must have a bug, and that username only raise more suspicion.

This is certainly not a dating app, but this isn’t an ecommerce app either, it’s more of a social networking app geared toward buying and selling. So the same way you meet people at work, on the street, out in the park and so on. I do hope it’s still normal to talk to people in public. But when you get messages from creeps who pretend to buy only to want to hit on you, ignore their ass same as you would people who catcall. Why are we all so polarized?
@0317 you are very kind. Too kind. However, I have been reporting the creepy ones and kind of telling off the jerks or minor ones. Hoping if someone lets them know how inappropriate this is they would stop. I just update my photo every so often and typically just choose a selfie I have already,nothing special for this app or any other selling apps. I always meet in public places so I feel safe as far as my precautions. I do not even discuss meeting up with anyone that starts convos like this! However I do fear they could ve crazy enough to make another profile and pretend to buy to do something crazy😵 This world is nots these days.All these great suggestions are welcome. Thansk be to all that replied with some good info!
Yeah totally out of line! You never know what kind of weirdo is on the other end of your conversation. Us gals need to stick together! Ill start screenshotting their profiles before blocking to keep a record😉
Thanks so much for your kind words. Very true how society teaches our young men this behavior is acceptable. I try to be cool. Example
(Womens makeup ad)Creep:I want you
Me:Are you interested in buying this item
Creep:I wanna buy you a drink
MeSmiley Frustratedorry but no thanks; I don't drink, but if you find someone and want to buy her something nice feel free to get back to me.
Creep: So you dont want to hook-up?
Bwahahahha... I can't figure out if I'm just not clear or rude enough but... Wow the cluelessness. It legit happens to me daily. I'm glad to hear someone say I shouldn't have to change my pic because someone else has issues. I do sometimes feel as though they think "If you don't want to be hit on don't post attractive pics". Idk I'll just block in general now but i will screenshot the profiles just incase they come up again. Thanks again😉
I agree 1000% with your entire comment. It is one thing to have a nice conversation. Being sexually harassed or continually asked the same thing after you've clearly said you aren't interested is entirely different. I have met several nice ppl, Repeat buyers,and great sellers,male and female; I would otherwise not have had the chance to meet. The context,approach and boundaries in ones words make the difference. I have had 3 couples straight up ask to pay for threesomes😨 This is not ok on this platform at all!!! Thanks for your reply. I appreciate any and all suggestions.
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@Mark4, socializing my butt. 0317 is on OU to hit on women and using it as a dating site. He told me himself. He is lying to everyone about his intentions here.