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@ Elin what Exactly is a community manager what are you supposed do

I’m just curious thank you
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Thank you
I’m just curios what is a community manager what do they do.

Thank you Jason
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Y’all will have to excuse me i am new at this.
I’m still trying to figure it out
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🎓Education Rules!
As everyone knows...
Education is "always" a "great" investment! 😊

Did someone say, "Basketball"?
No kidding...
Passing this "Good To Know" news along ... to my Son!
Now... he will "definately" choose UA with his younger sibling!
Decision made!
Thanks sooo much for the GTK! 👍

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You are doing just fine!
Still pretty new in the Community Forums as well. Learned quite a plethora of great advice in here!
Much Success 👍
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Level 5
The "Budreaux" gave it away, at least to this Southern boy. I'm in AZ as well, going 4 wheeling in tge morning...