OfferUp is infested with Scammers!!

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Almost every city I go to, the auto sections are full of scammer. I flagged over 20 post in one day. You can tell it’s a scam buy the camera pictures they take at the monitor. It’s sad that OfferUp allow someone in one city to post to many city at once selling one car. Debating on closing my account
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@Dallascal they can only do so much as reported by users. Recent article I read stated that Amazon is infested with counterfeit items and they got sued by one of manufacturer for co-mingling their good with fake goods. Which caused harm to their reputation. Every online commerce site have illegal sellers. Both buyers and site owners have to work together.
If you feel OU is not worth your time then definitely close the account. This is free site so you are not losing anything.
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"It’s sad that OfferUp allow someone in one city to post to many city at once selling one car."

They don't allow it and it's the reason you're reporting so keep at it whenever you can.
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I’ve deleted this app twice and finally came back 5 months later. No change!!! This app is full of scammers! How hard is it to block their IP address??? Makes me think the founder are also up to no good!
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@Dallascal @The idea of a community is the bonding together of its members to achieve a common goal! So to complain about the ap founders without making an honest effort to rectify the problem at hand is only adding more to the problem.

Maybe it would help the community if you were to educate us on how better to recognize these scammers in which you speak, because frankly I myself don't see them! At least not in the numbers that you do. So if there is indeed an infestation then I want to help my fellow community members to rid our place of them. You seem to know and recognize them better than me therefore I would value your input to better help me and others to rid ourselves of these lowlifes. So please help out, if for nothing else for the satisfaction of knowing you did something to help and not be in that category of people to lazy to help but not to lazy to complain in hopes that others will do the heavy lifting!

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Yes they are, and it surprises you ? Offends you ? What ? You'd like to be somewhere they're not ? I believe the only places you won't find any are small religious groups or being a hermit.
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Matching networks may also be logged so that's another thing.

IP addresses can be spoofed via VPN

As another user suggested MAC address bans may be a better option.

Although it may cause issues with iPhones in particular and many people will be concerned with their level of 'privacy' regardless.