OfferUp is not eBay

Level 9
It happens that you ask someone if they'll take 50 on an item that they listed as 45 since you see more value in it and they hit you with the following:

"My highest offer is currently 65"

"Someone is offering me 70, what's your offer?"

Please don't do this, it is honestly annoying.

This is not eBay, don't waste a buyer's time by making it a bid war.

Simply say, sorry someone is set to pick up.

Anyone else agree or is this just me?
Level 5
Yes. Personally I think Miss Manners would find this quite irritating, too. The auction element does play into the name "Offer up". However, given Offerups features. it seems like a first come first serve basis is only fair. I try to maintain that standard, at least. Offer up doesnt provide the same "auction friendly" functions as ebay (i.e. allowing notifications when an item has recieved a higher bid, set time in auctions, Etc.). Some sellers still wait for the best offer and take that, which is fine, to each their own, but it doesnt really allow the seller or buyer the same options to monitor whst is going on as ebay.
Community Helper
Yes goblin, members would find that frustrating.