OfferUp not fixing my account after months of asking

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Did you follow a support link? Have you tried OU's Twitter?
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This one... ?
Customer Care:
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Thank You
But they are not going to do nothing.
I get a message sent to my email that can't be verified. And I've only sold 4 items witch is not true. Go look at my page.
Thanks for responding
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I don't understand what you're talking about.
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@Hey2Marie as myself and another user have stated we cannot see your actual profile because we are end users. I am tagging @Mj_206 so she can look into this for you.
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So you can't go to my profile.
I got another random fix it yourself by doing this and that. I don't know who is Over this OfferUp but asking for them to correct the issue for months is ridiculous.
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@Hey2Marie I do not work for Offerup and the forum isnt connected to your account like you think it is. That is why I tagged @Mj_206. Maybe message Mj_206 to see if she can take a look into it.
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844 633-3787 I just called this number and they don't take calls.