OfferUpzzs “try them before we buy them”

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It’s so boring when products don’t work and buyers have to travel back to you and you act as if you didn’t know it worked or whatever grant it we should “try them before we buy them”...but ppl are excited and totally blows their mind to try
Do you think OfferUp should OfferUp video chat in the conversation zone???
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The system as it is now for local pickup works, people generally just don't want to spend a couple minutes reading the rules / tos / community guidelines / tips, to be informed.

You should not have to tell a buyer what they should be doing at a meet up.

For example, thinking of buying a portable video game console?

Watch a YouTube video or ask Yahoo / Quora / Reddit for help to figure out how to properly test the item in person.

"If you’re meeting in person, inspect the item there. Get documentation or an outside inspection if needed. If you’re satisfied, go ahead and make your payment. If it isn’t exactly what you want, politely decline to buy. It’s nice to let the seller know you appreciate their time."

"Once money has been exchanged for an item, the sale is final. Resolve any questions or issues with the seller before you pay."

I don't think turning OfferUp into an Instagram Stories hybrid is the right approach.

There have been others who have suggested such a feature.

It would require higher bandwitdh which I would assume they would not want to implement to keep costs down.

Not to mention people will eventually abuse it, so it will require moderation.

This is time and money that they will need to adjust for.

Who knows what they think about it, maybe I'm wrong.