Offers Canceled by Error Message- Help Me ASAP!

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Hi the past 6 offers I’ve tried to accept on OfferUp have been canceled when I click on accept and the reason is an error message that says “Sorry something went wrong. try again later.”

This has cost me roughly $2,000 in lost sales, as you imagine I’m extremely **bleep** off about this and beyond frustrated.

This has been a re-occurring issue I’ve experienced on your app and I’ve done EVERYTHING to make it not happen. That includes I’ve verified my ID with you guys, verified by phone number, logged out of the app and re-installed the app, updated the app Etc. And NOTHING seems to work!

I’m about to give up on OfferUp for good, this error message is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever encountered.

Please take a look at my account and let me know exactly what’s causing this!
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It would be better to contact support if you haven't already.
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Reach out to support as suggested.

I would also like to ask, what have you tried so far?

Reinstalling? Diffrent network? Clear cache / data? Restart?
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Sounds frustrating...
However, app profile accounts are not accessible via the Community forum.
Not even to view... we are all end-users here, with the exception of:
Admin Community Manager / @Mj_206.
Will tag her in this thread for you.
Twitter maybe somewhat quicker, if available to you.
Tweet Customer Care:

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I’ve literally tried everything, this is insane. How can you guys create an app that has such a fundamental error message ruining sales? Shame on you guys.
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Please tag her, I already reached out to support... and heard nothing back.
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Admin has been tagged, however, will be available M-F Pacific time.
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This is the same thing that is happening to me. This is garbage.
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@Pk55 @Risraelkloss Did you try moving from your phone to your computer to see if you get the same error message and it’s not a servers issue.

Also If your dealing with high value items, It could mean the other member needs to verify their phone number or ID also could be cancelled payment lack of funds on credit card also needing verification through the mobile app. It’s because OfferUp keeping both members safety when dealing in high value items. Please Reach out to our Customer Care team from the link aidenholley provided above. Or through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you like REMEMBRANCE suggested above.

Sorry I’m not on any support teams. any questions about looking into your account will need to be answered by support. As I don’t have access to account information to resolve your issue.

Also please review Mj_206 Community forum manager thread topic; What to do if you have an issue from the link below,