Offers Not Showing Up In Feed

Level 3
Pictures aren't showing. Was fine a week ago but now I can't see any pictures.
Level 1
I'm having the same problem I'm missing out on sweet deals..hope they fix this problem
OfferUp employee

Hi @neckcutta @Salt_Springs, can you give us a little more information - are you on iOS or Android? Are you not seeing any photos at all, or are you seeing specific ones like Promoted items? Let us know more details when you can so we can let the team know! 

Level 3
I'm only seeing outside items like if you click it it redirects you to Walmart. Can't see any items other then that. I'm on Android. Before a week ago I never had a problem.
Level 3
Yes I'm definitely missing deals.. Smiley Sad
New Member

Started having intermitent problems a few days ago with pictures not showing up and getting a "problem communicating with server" error. It sarted when trying to post a new offer. Weird thing is, it's now afecting some of my older postings. I also see the same intermitent problem when doing a search. About 20% if listing just a color block. 

Level 2
I am having issues seeing any listings older than a week when I search for items. Also non local listings keep showing up even after selecting pick up only and also using my location settings manually and automatically. I have already deleted, reinstalled, clear cache and everything else, but still no help.