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Good Morning Offerup Community,

My name is Nicholas, and about a week ago I posted my Google Chromebook on Offerup. No responses for a few days, so I saw a notification to "bump" my post for a low fee to receive more attention. After doing this the item was sold within a few hours, great news I thought. I uploaded my debit card information and waited for payment!

The item was shipped the following day, and now 5 days later and I can not seem to receive a straight answer on when I will receive the funds from the sale ($274). The buyer deactivated his account after the item was shipped, which I thought was fishy and reported it right away to "Twitter Offerup Support" but currently I am just out in a limb here with no help from anyone. Working in the hospitality industry, I would say this a bad customer service.

Can someone please reach out to me and help me?

Thank you!

- Nicholas

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Hello @LegacyFL  Welcome to the forums!

You are describing an unseemly predicament. Thanks for sharing.


Did the support team not respond to your report? Check your email or your spam folder.


Couple of things:

Not to minimize your feelings, but you are not alone. The Community is here to help and support you.

Secondly, personal information is not allowed here in the Community. Please delete your email address.


I will tag  @Elin@Mj_206 our awesome community managers so that they will be aware of your situation. 


Stay encouraged and keep us updated.



Community Manager

Welcome to the community, @LegacyFL! These forums are public to all, so I went ahead and removed your email address for your privacy (and posting personal info is actually not allowed on these forums) 

It looks like you've been in contact with our Customer Care team on this - feel free to update us on anything they say! Smiley Happy

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HI @LegacyFL welcome to the forum,,,,,,please keep us updated on how this plays out for you ,,,,,,many of us that have not started using the shipping feature want to know how things are palying out for those haveing a problem with it.

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Alex, the customer serviced rep closed my ticket but did not answer my question. Can you please help? @Mj_206

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Community Manager

If you reply directly back to their response, it should reopen the ticket and notify Alex Smiley Happy @LegacyFL

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How do I access old messages? I need to be in contact with a possible buyer, and I no longer find her when I look at my messages. What to do?
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Uarchive the old "sold" item in relation to the the specific buyer and the message thread should restore itself.

Did you end up getting your money? I am in the same situation right now. Any response will be helpful