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I have an issue. It just took customer support 9 days to respond to me. Out of the blue, which means I did not talk about this prior with them, they told me that once I report to the police it was between Offerup and the police. I did not mention going to police at all and never had about an issue with another user. All I was asking about was them unblocking said user so I could block them again as they were still able to message me. That's all I needed. Why did it take over 9 days to respond with that email out of the blue? Also this issue has been going on for the past 15 days I think of trying to get this to happen and they stop responding after 1 day when I bring up unblocking this user and then me blocking him again. I just need to know if I am not crazy.

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Hey there @aidenholley - we'll make sure your case gets escalated.

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@aidenholley sorry you’re having this issue. it’s probably a mistake on their part probably that message you got was for someone else maybe. If you haven’t tried unblock the user you’ve self, I’ve added the information below. I’ll also tag @Mj_206 so she aware of this issue. 😎🇬🇧🔚

Unblock someone,

Unblocking someone on OfferUp works slightly differently depending on the device you're using.
First, go to the person’s profile by opening any of their items and clicking on their picture.
For iOS, click on the Unblock icon in the top right corner.
For Android, click on the circle-slash icon in the top right corner.
For Web, click on the  Flag icon in the user's profile picture (bottom right corner) .
If you can't find the user, please contact support with the following information:
The name of the person you'd like to unblock.
The name of an item that you interacted with this person about.
If you had a conversation with the user, tell us what the topic of the message was.

You can contact OfferUp through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you.

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I cant unblock him myself because I cant view his profile. I have been trying the support team as I have mentioned but they have been taking over a week to respond to me with no updates or even if they escalated the issue. I even been mentioning the report number because the user changed his name when I email back, but nothing has come of it. I am very frustrated with this whole situation. Even on Twitter, they told me it wasnt their issue and it was something to do with the account service team.
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Hey there @aidenholley - we'll make sure your case gets escalated.

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Thank you @Mj_206.
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Lmao I love how a verified community helper even has to wait 9 days for customer support.

Guess the difference is he actually saw a reply after 9 days 😋


You can tag the forum mod @Mj_206  for assistance as well, but she only works M-F (pacific time biz hrs).

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@AnnoyedUser this was before I became a community helper I believe. Yes, waiting sucks for customer support. I've had so much better results on Twitter than the email.
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Having the same issue with customer support. It's been over a month hearing from them. Was sold a counterfeit/illegal item and I get the cold shoulder from support. Beginning to think about legal action at this point. This is rediculous
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Oh I would reccomend legal action for sure.

And I gave up a while ago. It's been a few months now and I still haven't had a response. A couple months in I got emailed asking which account I was having trouble with. I responded, and then back to silence for months.

Their support team intentionally just leads you on so you stop asking questions or forget / give up. It's a common tactic used by scam-y startups

I wouldn't reccomend continuing using them, that's for sure. I can only anticipate legal issues down the line.

You can't operate as a company dealing with all this real money and operate without a support team. Eventually it will catch up to them.

Just look around, the amount of login issues with the same problem I had is going up, more unreplied tweets on twitter to their support tag.

Hopefully more people realize they're using a scam service and switch over. Hope the CEO get's what he deserves too.

Goodluck with whatever legal precedent you push forward though. Knowing them they wouldn't respond to that either 🤣