Offerup buying shipping SCAM! Beware

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I bought a 500$ item on offerup!It seemed legit at first but then when the seller shipped he deleted or removed the listing! I tried contacting the seller but got an error code: 5GG413V4. Then I knew something was not right. I contacted Offerup about it and didn’t not receive response! Then the seller according to him shipped it. 3days later it is delivered according to the tracking info. No package no nothing.i contacted my local USPS about the issue and said that the package was sent from another place and wasn’t scanned. Then it was delivered place here in my city which came from a totally different tracking number! Now offerup says since it is marked as delivered they can’t do nothing. USPS has proof! And they don’t want to do further investigation! Now I’m out of 506$ with no package!
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U have camera they ship fedex or sumthin else mayb
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It's possible they dropped it off at a neighbors, thing is, at least where I live the drivers are sometimes just lazy and won't even leave a note or they mark things delivered before they actually are.
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Have you reached out to our Payments team, @Uli_0987?

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I received and email this morning and says they will look into it. I believe the seller tricked the offerup shipping system. I really hope this issue gets resolved.
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What ever happened? This just happened to me too.