Offerup has become a credit card Only app No cash sells...

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Oh the changes, My account had just recently been hacked I couldn't send or receive notification or messages. Long story short after several emails I got everything back and working again. Now only to return to an all credit card app? This is one Change I can't say I like so much. I don't want to use my credit card everytime I want to buy an item. Also not every buyer wants to pay by card. I really wish there was a choice. ...
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There is still a choice. You dont have to buy with card. You can still buy with cash. I do a lot of local transactions and never had a person pay without handing me cash in any type of way.
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As @aidenholley confirmed...
Cash is the most popular option when dealing with in-person meet-ups. Shipping, yes...another form of payment is obviously going to be bank or cc. GLTU!
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Yes I am aware you can still pay with cash but that feature has BEEN CHANGED. So Right now on the app- I see am item or something I like so I click make an offer, Then once at the bottom the only option available now is "Hold for Pickup" Once you click that its add a PAYMENT to be charged to your card later so this feature im talking about no longer exist.

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Thanks! I've been using Offerup for years with over 500 Plus sales and this feature has most recently been changed to Now show "Hold for Pickup" and charge your card. Nevertheless, Thanks for your feedback.

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Hold for pickup is optional. That would be used best if you just *HAD* to have an item, the seller won't do holds without payment, and you're able to pay now to hold the item. It is not a requirement.

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Okay, @MizzLeea
What I am understanding now... is that you do not have the option button when selecting an item to purchase to pay via cash!
The only options are:
Hold for Pick-Up OR CC...
Currently, the Hold for Pick-Up option is not available to me, think @aidenholley has this feature, maybe she can shed some light on what is happening for you. Hang in there...
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Yes!! You are Correct !! That is what I have been saying thanks!

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@MizzLeea I know of a work around that you could try instead of make offer, you could just message them by the other option and ask them if they would take x amount. That way you could use cash. As I said, along with @Mj_206, you do NOT have to use card or hold for pickup. I haven't bought anything (I know that I have the option of hold for pickup though), but I've had plenty of people in my area that have made offers and they arent being forced to use Hold For Pickup. They pay me with cash.