Offerup is balking on paying me


 I sold an item over a week ago. I got a reminder on Saturday or Sunday to ship within 2 days. I shipped the next day, being the 23rd. Unfortunately the first scan didnt scan until the next day. And the next day the sale was cancelled. Mind you, the cancellation notice says, if already at USPS, you will be paid if th eitem is delivered. The item was delivered Saturday. 


I went back and forth with customer support to no end. The buyer even agreed to rebuy it and he paid for it. Now he has the item and Offerup isnt even addressing that the buyer repaid and he has the item. 


And then they tell me I should contact the buyer about being paid. Except we cannot communicate outside of the app itself or exxhange any information. 


Offerup customer service sucks. If the Post office misses a scan you are literally screwed out of money.

Level 5
Wow. Sorry to hear that. Another reason I NEVER ship and only take cash. Hope you resolve this and you get paid!