Offerup not refunding cancelled transactions


So i started using offerup shipping on june 28. I have bought MULTITUDE of items using offerup shipping. I have also had multiple people accept my offers and then not send the item and it auto cancels the transaction and says I have been refunded. My problem is today I had someone cancel the sale and I went to go look at my bank account for the refund. Its not there. I then noticed none of my refunds from previous transacations are there. I went through my whole bank statement and only ONE has been refunded to me out of possibly 5+ So far i am counting over $250 in not refunded to me. I can only go back 1 week in chat messages before it starts deleting them. I would really hate to start a charge back case with bank as i LOVE using offerup for shipping and going this route would only cause me to be banned from using offerup. But I don't know how to contact them and have spent the last hour trying to contact offerup to resolve this issue. Does anyone have any help for me on this? 

Community Helper
You can contact support at