Offerup should allow reviews on sellers that cancel after accepting purchase.

@zinda I agree because its making us good sellers look bad. 😥
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@RevivalGypsey, you have got to be kidding me? These sellers should have their accounts suspended and if they continue with this crap than they should be banned from the site. There should be no excuses for this. Just what is there problem?
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Yay ‼ @RevivalGypsy...
what @ALLY78 said ‼
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Yet another non-shipper... I think my non-shipping rate is around 50%. Just horrible. Never had this much problems with ebay. I know Offerup will have growing pains, but please implement policies to fix this. This is getting ridiculous.

@zaphoid I haven't purchased anything to be shipped and that has to totaly be aggravating are you checking to see how many items the person has sold? Have you checked the feedback part of the persons profile to see if people have rated them with the filled in ratings?
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I bought something for my wife’s birthday and 3 days later the seller hasn’t shipped yet and isn’t answering messages.Ill just go buy it at a store I didn’t have time but I’ll make the time since he’s not shipping or answering.Offerup needs to fix their shipping system
@Kariel That's terrible I agree something should be done with these people that aren't shipping really hurts us good sellers. I hope this hasn't messed things up and discouraged you from buying from all sellers on Offerup. Some of us like myself ship the very next day.
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People suck. I had to learn to ask if willing to ship first, if I don't get a reply in a few hours, I move on. Too many people choose to ignore their own sales. Its dumb
@RevivalGypsy that's so not cool that alot of sellers are doing that. I don't understand it.
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It hasn’t yet but I will ask from now on before buying because there is no option to cancel the order