Offerups truyou issue

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Hello, I have been surfing the web and found many people are also having issues with TruYou and offer up verification program.  


I had my account for almost two years and within that time I have made 23 successful 5-star sales/purchases.   One day offer up restricted me from communicating with fellow users and asked for either a "truyou" or "phone verification."  I provided my phone number (even though I feel its totally useless as the customers will never see that information.)   I am hesitant to share my personal information online because I have enough soliciting calls as is on a daily bases.    I bent my own rules a little and submitted my phone number to offerup anyways hoping they don't sell my information to telemarketers. (I never have issues sharing it personally to customers).     Long story short, the registration of my phone never gave me access to messaging people as offerup promised and instead still forced me to join "truyou".   I can't believe Ive just been lied to, why even give people the option if you are ultimately wanting people to verify through truyou?  


I went ahead and attempted to submit the truyou ID only to get declined.  I tried once again and got declined again.   So at that point, I had and quit using offerup and switched to craigslist the past year. 


Recently, my friend told me that its optional to join truyou.  How can that be?  Why is my account basically blocked from making offers or selling things if it's optional?   I do not want to give out my personal information as now I get spam mail at my mailbox, therefore, is there anything that I or offerup can do to unlock my account as it was before?  I do not want to join truyou, period. 


If there is nothing I can do to unlock my account usage and skip through the super worlds most annoying "truyou" verification process, may I have the instructions to delete my account?  I am not asking for a simple deactivation, I mean a permanent deletion.   I have tried to do that last year but when I log back in, all my information is STILL STORED in the offer up the database. Why?  


Please guide through the steps of unlocking my account without truyou or guide me how to permanently DELETE my account, (not disable, temporarily removal or locked).  I am talking deletion like none existent, EVER.   I believe I have this right and if not, I bet my Lawyer will be making me an early retirement plan in the near future from this awesome feature of offerup. 


Thank you and hope to hear some answers and or assistants soon.



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Could you elaborate on what you sell, any questionable or high end items? Can you provide the truyou message given in text form.

You can contact support in regards to account deletion, but I would try to resolve this.

Via their twitter support page or

I have noticed a small portion of users having the truyou issue.

What have you tried so far in regards to troubleshooting?

Have you cleared cache / data, uninstalled and reinstalled?

It is not mandatory, it's possible a bot may have mistaken you as a spammer because of "(I never have issues sharing it personally to customers)" [phone]


"I am talking deletion like none existent, EVER. I believe I have this right and if not, I bet my Lawler will be making me an early retirement plan in the near future from this awesome feature of offerup."

A lawler you say?!

An account deactivation will most likely be advised.

As long as you don't log back into your account it is more or less what you are trying to accomplish in the end.

Anyone with prior access to your page will get an error stating that the user has deactivated his / her account.

The chance of someome having your specific link is around 0

Furthermore an error is given and are kicked back to the homepage or your offers page depending on what you look up.
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Just look at my profile and you can see what I sold before and what I bought.   It’s basic things..  The issue came when I tried to list 5 different items for sale at once. 


When I reply to message, a pop up comes up and says “join Truyou to continue” and then OK or Cancel.