Okay I gotta ask why “buyers” do this....

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I must get 10 “is this still available?” messages every day. Which is fine (even though I note on most listings that ‘if you see this it’s still available’. I make sure to mark something as closed ASAP after selling) BUT, almost none of them reply after I “normally within minute” reply that yes, it’s still available.

Is there something in it for someone to ask if it’s available then not reply? I bet that only 1 in 20 people that ask me “is it still available?” reply back after I say “yes”.

So why are they asking? It’s driving me nuts.

I don’t mind that most people who message are not going to be buyers. But why ask if it’s available only to not reply when someone says “yes” ??
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If they dont reply back within an acceptable time period (within a couple of hours depending on the time of day), I usually move on. Is this still available? is a prerecorded answer that buyers can choose from when messaging you.