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What’s up with all the old postings? I’m seeing posts anywhere from 8 months to 3 years ago. So I sent a message to one that was listed as being posted three years ago just to see if it was still active. They replied within minutes that it was available. I’m confused, is the app glitching on the post date? I can’t imagine someone had an item up for three years, and then replied immediately to me. I’m new to the app and find this really frustrating.
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Maybe that seller still actively posts new listings and just never sold that item. If you found it by searching particular keywords, it would still show in results if still listed. Nothing really strange about getting a fast response.
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Mjs57 I totally agree with @RevivalGypsy
Just to add to what RevivalGypsy said.,
Maybe the OfferUp team will add a new feature in the future atomically remove old posts after one month or so, only thing is members paying to bump their posts, still can be a time limit I would think. It would be win win for OfferUp because people would get maybe notifications there posts are about to expire and need to be renewed. Just a thought. 💭 😎🇬🇧🔚