One way to engage the commitment

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There should be an option for those individuals who are dedicated to the transaction and would like to commit to the purchase. A 10% of value holding fee could be an option when dedicating time to one another as a good faith insurance policy.
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This would be great — only issue is some users don't have credit cards.

There are good people out there who only have physical cash, wouldn't want to ignore them or put them last on a priority list.

Wouldn't be surprised if people began to complain about being forced to bid even after the agreement.

This topic was brought up before, I forget where.
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Blackenedrare thanks for sharing your ideas,
It’s really great members like your self, taking the time to offer their ideas to make OfferUp a better place for selling and buying items. I’m sure the OfferUp team also really appreciate it as well. every one lets keep those ideas coming, you never know they could show up on the app.
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@Blackenedrare Thanks for sharing your opinion. Maybe this is something we can add in the future when everyone has Payments of some sort implemented through the app Smiley Happy

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Hello @Blackenedrare,

I like your idea.

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Support can there be a way serious people can make commitment on a particular item and once the amount is accepted by the seller will be taken off the chart for other further commitments for atleast 24hr to 48hrs.If the potential buyer didn't showup/purchase it will be charge a percentage for holding and the item be released back again for further commitments