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I think an option to close shop to deactivate post temporary when unavailable then to open back up would be cool.
Example: If someone is going on a trip they can temporarily close their shop then as soon as they return they can open their shop back up.
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Sounds like a great idea 💡👍
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I love that idea @Luv2craft

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That’s a great Idea, hope someone is listening and make this happen.
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@RONJB I am!! Smiley Very Happy 

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That sounds really good I like that
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closing shop sounds like an interesting idea , how would that be different that just archiving your stuff till you come back? At some point in the next couple months i will get so busy at work that i figured i would just archive everything till i felt like dealing with it again. What would be interesting i think is if we could archive something for a certain period of time,say a month or two months or what ever,,,,and then when we put it back up , if it could be relisted as a new listing.,,,,,,,its my  understanding now that if we archive something now and then put it back later ,,,,,,it goes  back down on the list to where it would have been if we hadnt archived it?,,


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That would be so awesome