PRICES POSTED BY PAID ADS (for offer up to read and reply only)

Level 7

Why are the prices posted by the paid advertisers (Walmart, Sonic, etc...) always have a price shown that's way less than the actual price they are asking for that item!!! This is compkete bogus, false advertising bait and switch at it's finest! This is exactly what a bait and switch advertising scheme is defined as! Why would you allow this? It's bad enough that the local sellers are constantly doing this, it's called search manipulation on eBay, it's also a rule that will get your post removed if you are reported for doing this, same as a duplicate post, using stock pictures when not selling new items, posting used as new when it's clearly not new, posting you contact info in the post, and a slew of others. 

It seems that certain sellers have a habit of posting everything with a stock photo, literally hundreds of items, if they are reported, nothing is done, but if I posted a picture of a cigarette it would be removed in minutes, (I don't smoke and haven't posted any cigarettes but have seen some posts with pants removed in minutes for no reason) I'm just making a point that I've seen posts removed quickly but I've been saving all the posts I report in a separate folder and going back to check and see which are still posted each day. 90% are still there after a week, 5% are marked sold and the others have been archeived, I'm assuming they were removed or told to be removed.

So reporting anything has become a waste of my time, it seems like you don't care and if thats the case, why am I not doing this for my sales? Much easier to post without taking real pictures, especially when there's no way to adjust them in the app, plus the stock photos won't show any defects, they always have nice clean backgrounds, no shadows, easier to get buyers to come out and buy.


Just the time I'd save in nother cleaning and taking so many bad, dark and unfocused pictures would be huge! Then add on all the time wasted reporting bad posts for no reason!