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Just wondering if the Offer Up folks realize it's 2019 and all their competitors are using this new tangled gadget called PayPal? Do you know how many sales I've had to stealthily send to another site just so the buyer can purchase with PayPal. You might be shocked...
Community Helper
Offerup has their own payment service called Stripe. They know that PayPal exists; however for the time being the only way to have buyer protection on this app is to pay with Stripe. I wouldn't recommend anyone pay with PayPal while on this app if you want protection from this app. If you do local transactions, cash is always preferred by sellers.
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NOBODY has a better buyer protection program than PayPal/Ebay! That buyer protection starts with me not having to provide my Credit Card or Bank Info to an app but instead just my PayPal info. This may sound crazy but I trust PayPals encryption routines more so than I do OfferUp.