Payment by paypal.

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Is it ok to take a paypal payment and send the item through the mail, I'm asking because if something is being sold for $8-$12 and it's a good distance of a drive, it's kinda not worth the drive for $8... maybe I'm thinking out loud
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Hi @Reckshop is someone asking you to do this? I only sell locally for cash face to face, if someone is looking to use PayPal for an item that’s 8$ - 12$ and ask me to mail it to them, I would think why don’t they just wait and find the same item closer to there location for that kind of price? Unless this item was really hard too find? If it was me I’d think it was a scam trying to get my personal information because you would have to give the buyer your personal information for payment through PayPal for the buyer to pay you, I’m just saying just be careful what information you give out to someone you don’t know.
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All anyone needs to receive or make a payment through PayPal is just an email address- no other personal information is needed. Anyone can have a PayPal account and it’s always been a safe and secure way to pay or receive money. I have been using PayPal for years without any problems~
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GTK if you are using PP.
However, OfferUps' Buyer Protection only benefits those using the payment system provided within the OfferUp app. 👍😉
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But PayPal also offers Buyer Protection and they've been doing it long before Offer Up was ever conceived! I would also bet that if we compared encryption routines that protect personal and financial info, Offer Up wouldn't even come close!