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On Sunday, 7/21/2019 I had offer to sell my stuff for $100. We met, and he seems happy with the item, he then proceed to pay me over the app and I saw the confirmation that he paid "The buyer paid you $94.10" So I was like okay and the deal was done and I went home. 2 days later 7/23/2019 when I look at the payment details it says that "$94.10 Payment failed. We failed to send payment to your bank" Whats going on? @Elin I can send my transaction ID if needed. @Mj_206 

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Hello @joshua2312 I haven't used this local pay system on Offer up yet. I wish I could help answer your question but I honesty don't have the answer. The only thing that comes to mind is to make sure you added all your bank account or card info on the Offer up system.
Have you contacted customer service? Here their link