Payment pending has anyone had success shipping?

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Sorry for the late response but I received the deposit the next day. 

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Okay so here is the full update:


The timeline was I shipped it on Dec 11 the buyer received on Dec 13 ( Las Vegas to-CA) 


Received Deposit pending notice on Dec 13 and then I got a notice 1 day later that the payment was to be deposited on Dec 17.


I received my deposit on the 18th. I bank with Bank of America, Also, I noticed it was not in at midnight but around 6 in showed. 


Seller confirmed he did review my sell on Dec 14 which is the day I received my payment to be deposited. 


Not a bad experience but I think it went faster because the seller reviewed immediately and no claim was made. Notice I did not even have to wait the 3 days. 

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I had a similar issue with a less expensive item. Offer up cancelled the order for me which refunded my pending payment so now they have my item for free. Really debating whether Offer up and their kinda shady shipping policies are worth the effort
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I am in the same situation you were in and I am very worried.
I shipped my laptop for $340.
Got a confirmation that the money was deposited days later.
I also have Bank of America but I still have not received the money.
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Sold my gold bracelet and money was deposited right away.  Two days later Offer Up cancelled it.  Spoke with buyer and she said she deposited the money and I saw that she had.  I’ve texted Offer Up 2 times and haven’t heard a word.

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As long as the seller did not submit a claim it should process. But it took about two days for my bank to show the funds

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I am in a situation on the opposite side of the board where as a buyer i have had the money taken from my account by OfferUp and the item was shipped to me and the seller was asking me where his money was. I’ve already paid for the item and have full proof of payment without cancellations and no buyer claim submitted bc even though there is a small issue with the items received we are resolving through messages. I promise you as a buyer it’s not fun to be asked where your money is when you are prompted to pay through OfferUp and have no power of how long it takes to get your money after the fact. We literally have no control over that.
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Ignore your seller. It is their responsibility to inquire about payment through support, NOT TO THE BUYER. I know people are just casual sellers, but do they not have common sense and ethics? Sorry it is causing you grief.
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im in a similar situation accepts it seems the seller shipped it to himself somehow i have 400 dollars waiting to be deposited into his account it says delivered but it never even reched me in cali ..the **bleep** thing stayed in his zipcode for 2 days like it checked into every building there and then back to the original post office .. its the weekend so im afraid the payment will process and i will be stuck with nothing 

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Your money is held until 2 days AFTER the buyer actually has the package in hand. As soon as UPS delivers the package, your 2 day wait begins. Even if the 48 hours ends on a Saturday or Sunday, you'll still get your money on that day. Since Offerup started using UPS instead of the post office, the shipping now takes FOREVER! The last item I sold has now been in transit almost 2 weeks (going to Cali from SC). So now I'm waiting over 2 weeks for payment. It sucks. THE ONLY GOOD THING about them using UPS is the shipping cost has drastically been reduced for the buyer. Other than that, there's no plus side