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I haven't received my funds in OVER a month... whats the reason for this?? 

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Me too...
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I wonder if we should contact a lawyer and file a class action lawsuit. Should make offerup pay the principle and interest.

I made a sale on 10/19...deposit still show pending.
@rileydeeter Only one person on the forum works for Offerup and she is only over the forum. You will need to contact custom support at
Something like 6% of people using the shipping feature have payment issues. I know they will ask you for your ID at some point for the cc processor. Unfortunately it's a law as the gov considers deposits into your account as income at a certain point they will mail tax forms, make sure all information is correct for deposits.. It's best to contact them as no one here can give the correct answer, only examples of possibilities
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Already did this twice.

This is not acceptable...

Based on this timeline your company obviously has figured out the best and most recent scam.  Keep our money for as long as possible.  Class Action lawsuit coming with interest.
For the record here is the log of my events.
- 11/13 - Completed Sale and Shipped.
- 11/15 - Item Delivered
- 11/19 - Payment Scheduled
- 11/19 - Payment Deposited
- 11/27 - Nothing in my Account
- 11/27 - Contact Offerup

Support response is that USPS never sent proper notification that item was delivered. Yet I received that notification from OfferUp application. Also hard to imagine that USPS that has been in operation since 1775 is at fault here.
Support says funds to be disbursed next business day and also that it may take 3-5 more days to appear in my account. Clearly copying and pasting from a script in a call center manual.
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Also hard to imagine that USPS that has been in operation since 1775 is at fault here. ........Quote above....... lol so is religion
@centerofyokulo if it said it was deposited ask Offerup for the transfer number and then call your bank and give them that number to track the deposit
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Great advice, @BrightMoonstone! Thanks for always jumping in to answer these Shipping questions Smiley Happy

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The community manager down below says that ita better to go thru them because your protected as a seller..... you're protected with paypal too as looking as you are shipping to the same address they provided on their account