Payment pending.....

Level 5
Offer up has my money but i cant get because i dont have a debit card i have a Direct Express card that my social security is deposited. I have no computer i use a phone i maild out buyers stuff paying for it to make sure they got l lost money because of this i have 17 dollars that i can't get need help
@Toyman I also have Direct Express and because that doesn't work with Offerup I had to open a bank account to do transactions. I think that's the only way you're going to be able to get paid. Send them a message to make sure.
Level 5
Thank you
Level 2
Hi, I made my first sale on offer up. I followed each step i printed label and shipped out and was tracking package payment was pending. 2 days later buyer messages me that item arrived then I the next day I get a message on notifications “shipment dead line canceled don’t ship, If shipped then you will get paid. I’ve tried contacting customer service but no answer it’s going to be two weeks already