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With all due respect, the RULES OF TRADE according to OFFERUP, ie. ARTIFICIAL PERSON are not living up to natural commercial standard. The seller is not offered protection against rip offs. The item I sent is in the box unopened. All the buyer has to do is open it, switch with an older model and accuse me of "item not as described" as request a refund. OFFERUP should be examined by professionals so they can vet The PERSON thoroughly before grave damage occurs
@E4rthling the same thing can happen on any site as its happened to people I know who sell on eBay. Its always a good idea to open the box and take alot of pictures so you can protect yourself and not just mail a closed box...
"Hello moderator. We would appreciate it if you could persuade the PERSON to pay up the legal debt notes/ financial trading credits immediately after tracking number has shown package delivered. For this is the regularity of online commerce."
I not sure where you're getting this but its not the regularity of online commerce....there's plenty of sites where deposits can take up to two weeks after the item has been delivered
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Congratulations. I love proponents of fairness. The system is not fair nor consistent with others sites. And if you choose to enumerate these site that make you wait two weeks without a probationary system go ahead.

I'll bite.
@E4rthling the terms are very well explained in the terms of service especially under liabilities..I have two other sites I sell on Etsy and Square. Both take up to two weeks to process deposits.
I have noticed however no one takes the time to read the TOS to understand that once they use Offerup payment system they are accepting the limitations of Offerup who makes no guarantee to anyone at all when it comes down to it, including we basicly aggree that Offerup set a time frame but it is not set in stone..
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Thank you for your uncanny knack to agree with me. Ambiguity is not synonymous with clarity. Nor for the sake of truth does legalise equate with common English.

And finally. For the record. Principle Three of Fair Trading Practices purport that the organisation trades with concern for the social, economic and environmental well-being of marginalised small producers and does not maximise profit at their expense. It is responsible and professional in meeting its commitments in a timely manner.

Gimme what's mine when it's due. No one consented to a financial trustee/chaperone.
I would send the link but can't find it a the moment. Its easy to search for. It might answer your questions..
Yea, Have a super amazing evening...TOS is a good thing
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You love you. Have a great evening and enjoy your rest and relaxation period.
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