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@Dch75 I dont know how their system works ,,,,,,but possibly the fact that payment pending is gone is because they made the payment,,,,,now it takes time for the transfer to show up in your account,,,,,i would think within 48 hours,,,,,,,,but i thing their postings say as much as 5 days,,,,,,Im just thinking this is a possibility,,,,i think you need to relax maybe,,,,,,,,from your whole story from the beginning ,,,,i did a timeline of it and actualy today is when i thought you might possibly get your money,,,but upon reading their post about shipping ,,,,i thought  maybe the first of next week.,,,,,,even that email you showed said five days

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The item was received by the buyer on the 7th of May and he has since given a positive rating. However, the money still says pending on my screen where you check for money available to deposit. Offer UP support is no help as they reply with the same thing. Can I please get help? 

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bump ?

Having the same problem as you my items got Delivered the 7th and nothing as of yet. I sold 3 items only have gotten paid for 1 and that was delivered on the 5th and I got paid the 10th. So they are paying people, but it takes way too long by they're 3 days release policy yesterday should be the release date for the funds. Now i guess we play the waiting game.
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Ive sold an item and gotten paid. Sold on May 2nd delivered by the 5th, cash pending till the 10th then disappeared and deposited to my bank account on May 11th. So a 6 day turnaround after delivery. Maybe give it till Monday for it to deposit to your account.
Im starting to get a bit worried I have I read the negative comment on the BBB website about Stripe

@BrightMoonstone Hi there. There's nothing to be worried about! We explained what happened yesterday, and if you do not have your money yet, make sure to check your email address for an email from us explaining everything. You should be getting your money soon Smiley Happy

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I am having the same issue with the payment pending message. I have emailed 3 times and all I get is a scripted response that payment is released after the 3rd day. Well it is not released and I have other buyers that have made offers that I cannot accept. I find this completely unacceptable especially since their legally binding disclaimer clearly states that “funds are released NO LATER than 3 days after it is delivered”. I feel like cancelling my account with OfferUp and using some other app. Completely ridiculous that they hold onto our funds until they feel like it’s been 3 days

@Taylortami18 Hi Smiley Happy After 3 days that gives the buyer to see if they want it and accepts, then the transaction happens, which can take 5 business days after they decide yes. I'm not sure about more of what happened to you, but let me know so I can see how I can help. 

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I'm in the process of making a deal with somebody. I have 18' couch in 2 armchairs selling for $350. They made an offer of $300 which I was willing to take. My deal is they give me $200 to hold the furniture. On the date of pick up they must show up. Have the other part of the money or forfeit their $200. And I start looking for a new buyer. What I do is on big ticket items. I will start posting them to in 3 weeks earlier then I need to sell them. So by then I have several different offers. People in the wings waiting for that 1st person to fall out.