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Silk_Lace_Wigs I would recommend reviewing @Mj_206 Community forum manager thread topic; What to do if you have an issue from the link below.😎🇬🇧🔚
That link is useless. No help or replies whatsoever. I’ve emailed a few times and NOTHING
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@BrightMoonstone. Is there no place in the app where I can check my sales amd balances? I STILL haven't gotten paid or heard anything from anyone, They have the worst customer service out of any platform I sell on besides facebook. I can't even figure out how or where to start a new question in the community.. 


Hi @AmandaTCB I wish we had more detailed transaction and deposits but the only areas is in Account, Set up payments and deposits, in that screening at the top it will show the recent amount that hasn't been transferred yet and there's a link that says Transactions at the top right. That's the only area we have. It would be so nice if we had a bit more details.
I'm waiting to hear back from them myself. My customer whats to know why I haven't shipped yet, I explained how I didn't get a label in my email and have no way to get the label. I hope she doesn't feel like I'm trying to scam her 😢 I don't know if I should cancel the transaction and try again or not...
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I'd probably just click and ship it or yeah cancel and re do but you always have the chance of them not buying the second time around

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@BrightMoonstone I don't have an option to set up payments and deposits. I've looked thru all the menus everywhere and I dont have it.... wish I could screen shot and show u
@AmandaTCB hum it might be different on my phone. I know some things have been changed on the app I was I could tell what update of the app I was on cause a lot of things have changed and I can't even find the "view label" link anymore. I wish you could send me a screen shot that's crazy. Are you using Offerup on your phone?
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Both my phone (note 9) and my laptop