Payment pending.....

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I am painfully aware that it can take up to five days but the funds have not even been released and the buyer received the package 4 days ago and to my calculations the funds should have been released today so that it could begin the journey to my account
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In my opinion your selling tactic is unsavory to say the least.


It is certainly not the offerup’s way.

Buy.    Sell.    Simple.


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Steven can you please help me too! Mines been 5 days.
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it says three bussiness days after deliver i have the same situation this is the last time i sell through this app on Mecari i had my money two days after the package was delivered
If I don't mail the rest of the packages will the buyers payments be returned? Im not to happy with not getting my money its been 5 days and it still says pending.
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This is the same thing that is going on with me my deposit no longer say pending it gives receipt and said it was a payout now my offer up account say 0 dollars I check my bank account and nothing is there at all or has came through what’s going on?
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Hi Mj_206, I've been having the same problem as all the before me. I sold a pair of Bose headphones for $150 to someone out of state and well after 5 days I haven't seen any sign of any money being reimbursed to me.
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I will have to consider that PayPal a great option also. I have been waiting over a week and the person receive their item within 3 days.and I'm still showing a pending in my account no funds. Offer up now it seems like you all are stealing from us
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This is ridiculous . Got there on Monday the 14th it's now the third day still haven't got my funds released. There should be a button for the buyer to click as well so if they are happy we can get paid. Until then PayPal only from here out . So unhappy with this system love the app just not the payment system.
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Can you take a look at mine please ?