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How do you actually speak to customer care at OfferUp? They're not responding to my email and my money has been missing for a week.

Should I just file a complaint with the BBB?
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You can't "speak" to anyone as OfferUp does not have provide  phone support.  From  the aggregate of OU users that I know who have shipped, it seems that  it is taking 3 weeks/21 calendar days/15 business days to get paid, if the transaction proceeded without any problems.  A few of them had to wait a month or longer.

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I sold and item and shipped it and the item was recieved 4 days ago and the payment is still pending I’ve tried reaching out to OfferUp and got no response what is going on where is my money .
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Welcome @Ana2038173.

Read the comments already posted regarding time frame you should expect to see any funds.

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Same thing witj me it got delivered on the 16th today is the 19 I still l don't have my money
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@Twotwosteele Buyers have 3 days to open a buyer protection claim. If they don't, funds will be disbursed which could take an additional 3-5 business days. Check out this blog which has a payout example. 

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Hey, I’m having the same issues as these people on this forum post, I made the sale on Jul 14, and shipped it the same day. My tracking says he got the item on Tuesday, the 17th. It’s now the 21st and it’s just said “deposit pending” since the 14th of July. Yesterday if gave me some notification saying “you need to verify the last 4 of your ssn and your adresss to receive payment” (I’ve already done this 4-5 times, it just keeps telling me to enter it in again) and that I have a receipt, the same reciept that since July 14th has said “deposit pending,” now shows only “you have successfully canceled your payment” someone needs to get to the bottom of this, i sold something for 300$ and I need to have my money. Maybe it’s a glitch but a lot of other people also have this problem happening and I’m not going to be cheated of 300$ while someone has my item i shipped. Thanks, btw my account still says deposit pending but the receipt now says “you have successfully canceled your payment!”
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I’m having the same issue
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-Ciao' @Adam19 & @D94-
All your questions may be answered in the blog "Getting Paid After Shipping" 👍☺
wow i got the same how long for u to get the money?i geus is not the good idea to use that **bleep** call get paid after ship......