Payment sucessfully canceled ???

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So I made 2 sales using the via shipping method, sent out the items they were delivered, I set up my payment methods long before I made sales and I check my transactions and they are currently saying I cancelled them!! I’m so upset I haven’t cancelled anything my items are marked delivered how do I get paid now? Nobody will answer my emails regarding my issues
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Bambi4233. I'm sorry to hear your having trouble. Our Community Managers @Elin and MJ_206 can help direct you and give answers.


Keep us posted on what happens. Many here are interested in how things are functioning with the newest shipping and payment features.


You may have already tried I'm sure but just in case; link for customer support

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Welcome to the community, @Bambi4233 - go ahead and contact support using the link @cyclomatic included. I'll make sure that your case is escalated to the Payments and Shipping team Smiley Happy

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Thank you i received an email they are working on the issue
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Thank you for responding
I also have one that says it was canceled. How did I cancel a payment that was to me? Someone please check on this.
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Maybe I'm wrong, but it appears that the order was cancelled on both ends since the buyer wants to do a return? I'll have to try it sometime and get more familiar with the system.
@goblin I just spoke with her she purchase like 9 things she said she did not cancel it and why would I cancel after I already shipped it?
And it also says that it can't be canceled after shipped
It was scanned at the post office on the 14th and canceled yesterday