Payment sucessfully canceled ???

Do you know who is in charge of this? I'm about to file a claim with the BBB if someone doesn't respond to this. Offerup needs to get this figured out the deposit for this item is not in my bank and I'm now not paid for a item the buyer has in her possession. I want to be paid or Offerup needs to have her mail the package back
I did not cancel this item! It says I did and it also show the item was delivered
Community Manager

@BrightMoonstone I just took a look into your case. It looks like you recently changed the email address on file for your account. The previous tickets you opened to our Shipping team came from the old email address, before you made the change. Therefore, any of the responses from the Shipping team were getting routed to your old email on file, the Yahoo one... Your case has been escalated again, the email field from your previous tickets has been updated. 

It's incredibly important to have the email address on file be an active and working email address.

What does that have to do with anything? All my other Offerup emails including the message you just sent came up in my email. My delivered, sold, shipping, messages etc all show up in my email
Community Manager

Look, @BrightMoonstone - the case has been escalated, I have someone looking into this as I type this. You will hear from the proper teams soon.

That's fine but please don't tell me its important to have a active and working email address on file when I have one that's working perfectly fine because all my emails are being sent to my address other than your response team. That's not my fault there is a problem with your system not updating emails.
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@BrightMoonstone that final statement was to the entire forum, not you, which is why I spaced it out to a different line Smiley Happy That is good general info for everyone to have, and wasn't directed at you.

Thank you for looking into this
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Absolutely, @BrightMoonstone. I'll make sure you get a response before the end of the day. Promise Smiley Happy

Thanks for trying to help but I'm going to have to use outside recovery sources because all I'm getting is responses that have nothing to do with the question.