Payment sucessfully canceled ???

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So I’m going through the same thing now. I emailed support on Saturday and got a response same day that they are looking into it. And radio silence.
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Has this been figured out the same thing has happened to me and I am not the one you are going to give me my money.
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Hello I have the same problem and need it solved. I need my money!!
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I already reached out to the offer up team all I got was the automated message
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Need my money ASAP
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Donewitofferup7. You've made 3 post, none of which give any insight into your situation. Also your posting on a Nationwide forum of members, like yourself, who have no info about where your at in your process.
You've already reported the matter. If you'd like further attention, maybe our Community Managers @Elin or @Mj_206 can help. I would also suggest going over the shipping policy and be sure to count the business days noted and give it time. It won't be a fast payment.
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Welcome to the community, @Donewitofferup7. If you have written into our Shipping team, I'll make sure your case gets escalated. 

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Hey, I’m having the same issues as these people on this forum post, I made the sale on Jul 14, and shipped it the same day. My tracking says he got the item on Tuesday, the 17th. It’s now the 21st and it’s just said “deposit pending” since the 14th of July. Yesterday if gave me some notification saying “you need to verify the last 4 of your ssn and your adresss to receive payment” (I’ve already done this 4-5 times, it just keeps telling me to enter it in again) and that I have a receipt, the same reciept that since July 14th has said “deposit pending,” now shows only “you have successfully canceled your payment” someone needs to get to the bottom of this, i sold something for 300$ and I need to have my money. Maybe it’s a glitch but a lot of other people also have this problem happening and I’m not going to be cheated of 300$ while someone has my item i shipped. Thanks!
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Make sure you follow up on this. This is what happened to me months ago and I still have that payment missing.
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Hi @Adam19 welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,the best thing you can do here in the forum is talk to @Mj_206,,,,,,,,,,,,Put @ before the persons id to get their attention like i did to you. The problem with getting any real help here in the forums is that people start selling with the shipping feature,,,,,,with out reading all the information about the shipping,,,,,and start complaining about not getting thier money before it can really be expected,,,,,,,(from my understanding of what i have read, you really shouldnt be complaining till its been around two weeks from the time the person recieved the item),,,,,,,,anyway,,,,people come t o the forums,,,start complaining sometimes one day after the person recieves the item,,,,,,,,,,they jump around the forums posting all over the place,,,,,,,and they do it for a week ,,,,,,,,no matter what anyone says to them,,,,,,,,,,then by the end of the second week,,,they time when they should be getting thier money,,,,,,they have stopped talking about it,,,,,,posts all over the forums about it,,,,,and we dont know if they got thier money or not,,,,,,,,,,,so most of us can not testify to anything as far as how shipping is working unless we experience it ourselves,,,,,,,,,some that do,,,,,,,,,,dont really know ,,,,,,,they just think t hey know.,,,,,,,,,,,,as far as "canceled payment",,,,,,,,,that one would bother me definitly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what i would be doing is instead of posting all over the forums,,,,,,,,,i would talk to mj about it,,,,,,and i would keep looking at my email and make sure to read and understand what is being told to you by customer care , the shipping team,,,,,,,,and be sure and respond to everything they tell you,,,,,,,,,,,and at least have the patience to wait the amount of time spelled out buy offerup about how the shipping payments work,,,,,,,,,,,,three days for the buyer to inspect,,another one to five days for offerup to get around to transfering the money,,,,,,,,,,,,another couple of days for the actual tranfer process to happen,,,,,,,,,ad weekends to that ,they are not business days,,,,,,that means that you can not really expect the money to be in your account for about two weeks from the time the buyer recieves your item.,,,,,,,,,,,,,all that being said,,offerup also has been having problems getting that to happen.,,,,,,,,,,,but we just cant tell you anything real here in the forum,,,,,,,,but as a seller that is not using the shipping feature yet,,,,,,,we sure would like to hear you come back after you do recieve your money and let us know ,,,,telling us how many days it actualy took.