Payment sucessfully canceled ???

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@Brightmoonstar same, transactions after were back to super fast. Hoping it gets figured out
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---Would guess... by the end of this week you will receive your $---
Seems like the users who are already participating in the shipping option, start receiving their $ quicker after the initial shipment.
Patience is key with this new endeavor...👍☺ Success to You!
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Yes, I ship often and after my first few transactions I know receive funds almost immediately after scan. It is just this one transaction. I think it is the same for @Brightmoonstar.@kasarasara
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Sorry, I thought you were replying to my last post @kasarasara
I think after my 10th transaction it was faster deposits. Understandable that they want to make sure sellers are going to sell items as advertised. Its like building up trust. No one wants to deal with a bunch of chargebacks from people not getting what they purchased.
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It’s about to be 3 weeks since I shipped my item, still just says “deposit pending” was told I needed to take it up with “shipping” even though this has nothing to do with shipping, there’s 280$ waiting for me for 3 weeks now, I’d like to receive my money. This is starting to get rediculous. I did everything the exact way the website told me to, multiple times. It shouldn’t take 3 weeks for an electric transfer.
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I got a notification that I was paid and that the money is in my account but yet there’s nothing new in my account and no pending transactions. Should I give this a day or contact someone on OU? Thanks.
@Adam19 if it says your money is in your account and its not there you need to contact someone asap. I normaly get the money is in my account notification the day after I have my money
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And this is why I'm hesitant to use the Offer Up shipment feature. I think I'll just not ship to anyone. Local only.
Could you please help me. The same exact thing happened to me. I sent a message already to your tea with my transaction number and email address.