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I know countless people that would disagree, but thanks for the input Smiley Happy

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Hi @David87 i agree with you,,,,,,,as many people that there are that are having problems with the shipping,,,,,,,,i dont believe its worth the hastle ,,,,,,,,,the long wait some are talking about here in the forums makes not worth it,,,,,,,,,i dont sell very much online anymore like i used to ,,,,,,,,but even back in the day when i had to wait for a paper check,,,,,the longest wait would have been like 8 business days,,,,,,,,some transactions i do take three days to finalize,,,,,,just like t he waiting period given a buyer to approve or disaprove of an item,,,,,,a paper check can be mailed anywhere in the usa in five days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with electronic transfer and automatic systems,,,,,,,,,there is no reason that any offerup sale should take longer than 8 business days from the time the buyer recieves the item,,,,,,,,,,,quite a few here in the forums have commented that they are waiting for the shipping to start working better before they start using it.

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To be completely honest, @0317, the users that are experiencing longer payouts may be explained by a couple different scenarios. If a user doesn't use our shipping labels, that will delay the process. If the user doesn't have a payment method of deposit account attached to their account, it will cause a delay. If Stripe is requesting further identification (which THEY require to be in compliance with specific laws) that can cause additional delays. If you don't have a bank account at all, you're basically asking to not get paid.


Those that read our Help Center articles, blogs, and watch the Shipping videos, typically experience our intended flow and are understanding of the payout schedule. As I've stated previously, Stripe had a bug which would re-request the additional information. We submitted a hotfix for this yesterday and are in the process of contacting everyone that was impacted. We are also working on instant payouts, which is something @Suzanne1 noted over here


Of course, one-off scenarios other than that is listed above do happen, and those would be considered "bugs" and we would hope that anyone experiencing a "bug" would reach out to the proper departments so we could troubleshoot. 


Shipping has come a LONG way from when we first piloted it years ago. The first transaction we ever attempted (internally) took 45 days to complete, and now some users are experiencing instant payouts. I've said it before and I'll say it again - everything is a learning experience Smiley Very Happy We are SO incredibly appreciative of those that kept testing out this feature so we could make improvements to it. 

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lol,,,,,,,,i read suzanne post,,,,,,,,that looked to me like another bug in the system,,,,she said she recieved payment before the buyer recieved both items and had a chance to inspect the items,,,,,i was under the understanding that no payments were to be made from offerup before the buyer recieves and gets three days to inspect the items.,,,,,,,,,,,,I also think that a seller should not be able to post using the shipping feature until everything is set up for them to do it,,bank account information and all,,,,thats just offerup asking for problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,like i said before,,,,,,i know quite a few offerup users are waiting till they see fewer complaints and more praise on how its working to start using it.

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@0317 wrote:

i was under the understanding that no payments were to be made from offerup before the buyer recieves and gets three days to inspect the items

🎶The times, they are a changin' 🎶


Super Shippers, or users that have used this feature a lot, experience fast payouts lIke I just said.

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---Hoping to begin experimenting with the Shipping option before the Holidays roll around---
Hey... @Mj_206 how about a "Super Shipper" Badge? 😊
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As long as you get items shipped off super quick, and have positive ratings, you'll easily become a Super Shipper, @KSARASARA!!

I have a feeling you have a lot of happy, repeat customers Smiley Happy

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Aww... Thanks!
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As of yesterday July 30th, I received my deposit.  It took over two months to recieve so I'm opting out of the OfferUp shipping altogether. I had more ease doing it how I always did with quicker results. Bug or not, the main thing that irritated me the most was the absolutely terrible customer service I received. All in all, I got paid. I have nothing else to say on the matter. Toodles.