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Okay so for disclaimer: I read the TOS. 3 days to review. Up to 5 business days to recieve deposit. 

  • Customer received item on may 5th and had to the 8th to review item.
  • I received an email on the 9th that "I got paid" But the reciept (in the email and in the app) says I was paid on the 10th. Why? I don't understand this. 
  • I assume the meant the funds were released and are in transit to my bank account. 
  • In my OfferUp account it still says "deposit pending" 
  • Today is the 5th business day for me to recieve my deposit but I havent received it yet.
  • My bank doesn't see anything either. Should I expect to see it by TOMORROW?
  • I sought out customer service but they give me the same cut and pasted answers.

I have documentation of everything just in case I need to escalate this but I'm hoping I don't have to do any of the sort. This is my first time using OfferUp's system for payment and it's the last time. 


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As of yesterday July 30th, I received my deposit.  It took over two months to recieve so I'm opting out of the OfferUp shipping altogether. I had more ease doing it how I always did with quicker results. Bug or not, the main thing that irritated me the most was the absolutely terrible customer service I received. All in all, I got paid. I have nothing else to say on the matter. Toodles. 

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Welcome to the Community Forums @MegaMilk. I'm sorry your having such a time with this. I originally was very excited about the shipping looking forward to it. However, I'll need to take a closer look before I start to use it.


Our dedicated Community Managers @MJ_206 and @Elin are very helpful. You can reach out to them for further help and answers.


I do hope you'll stick around the forums and continue to share your opinions, ideas and experiences. And certainly update us on this situation. We all want to know how things are progressing with this.



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Update: This is the sixth business day Wednesday May 16th 2018.

I reached out to the recommended admins yesterday evening. No response yet. 

Two hours ago I received ANOTHER notification that I received payment. Receipt now dated for the 17th. 


A joke.

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Same thing is happening to me. I do not understand this. I made a sale on may 5 . The item was delivered on Saturday . May 12. They had 3 days whic was may 15th. Everything looks good on the buyers side. So now we are on Friday the 18th and nothing. No deposit, just may account saying pending balance.!i am sooo upset and I really need my money like you too I am sure. Have you received your deposit yet??
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No, and this is the 8th business day. Still no response from the so-called admins. 


For your situation, you have 2 more business days to go--  Monday and Tuesday.


Keep us posted on your situation as well.

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Is there anyone else who is having this issue? Did you get paid eventually? How many business days has it been?

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I'm on day 16 and I still haven't got my funds , I spoke to an admin about 4 days ago saying he forwarded my claim to a specialist, I haven't heard anything from them and to make matters worse I continue to try and reach out to them and no response . I'm not a rich man , I'm waiting on my money to pay bills ,buy dog food, and other stuff I need to do to live comfortable . This situation has got me cooking for my dogs , taking late fees on bills and wasting my time trying to reach out to offer up staff and researching how the fu*k I get paid .I really hope they get this going soon.
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Hi @MegaMilk  and @Jorge24 welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,from what i read ,the seller has three days to put in a claim if something is wrong,,,,,,,not sure if that means business days or not,,,,,,,,,then offerup supposedly releases the funds to your account,,,,,but they say it takes 2 to five business days  to be in your account,,,,,,,so with a weekend in there it could be as much as 7 or 8 days depending on the time of day and a weekend being in there,,,,,,,,,,so from the time t he seller recieves the item im thinking it could be as much as 10 days after the seller recieves the item if they dont count weekends at all , after the seller recieves the item,,,,,and maybe another day depending on how they count a day,,,,,way to long in my opinion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i would really like to hear from some that have actualy recieved their money


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Got my money on the 10Th....... Took 8 days... If you include weekend time thats 13 days. Happen to look at the BBB on offerup. Do yoursleves a favor and have a look. 89% negative approvel rating with the BBB. Just saying.

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@Dch75 I am so glad to hear that you got your money,,,,,,,,are you going to continue to try to use the shipping on offerup?