Pending/Delayed Deposit

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Hello there just wondering who you got in contact with through the billing department or the payment department in order to get your funds? Do you have his or her name #
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I don’t blame you one bit you should not use the system ever again. As I won’t be either until I get my money and then I will close my account
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I just heard back from an admin. If I find out I'll let you know.

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Did u have to set up anything with stripe to receive the money? Because i made a sale on may 8. It is may 22. Still says deposit pending.
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I made a stripe account just in case but it didn't seem to help

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my receipt was updated again, the date was updated to today. Still no payment. 

Level 3

Still haven't heard anything from the billing dept or anyone for that matter 

Im going throught the same thing
Going through this too