Pending/Delayed Deposit

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Thanks for the update @MegaMilk.
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That is pathetic @MegaMilk

Very sorry to hear that you had to wait so long. I am at the head of the same problem now, and I'm guessing that I won't be getting for at least two months.

@Mj_206 Again, please send me a personal email to help me get my money.

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Did you know you can just cut to the chase and email @Mj_206 yourself?
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Yes... @cyclomatic!
That would be the "logical thing" to do! 😉
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Thanks, Peanut Gallery. I have already sent her messages, submitted 5-6 Expert Requests, been told I would get emails that I never received, and also tagged her following the suggestion from another peanut. Go somewhere else and make fun of customers with genuine complaints. Since you both work with her anyway (let's not beat around that bush), you could have just asked MJ if she received a message from me -- that would have been the "logical thing" to do. Smiley Very Happy

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-Ciao' @joedwa-
---We are ALL end-users, such as yourself, trying to make a positive impact with a growing Online Community---
The consistent members who are very passionate about this new endeavor, actually choose to help in the OfferUp Community Forums "Voluntarily" 👍☺
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I am now having the same issue as the rest of you! did your issues ever get resolved? I got a notification saying that money has been deposited... but there’s no new deposits on my account! Wtf?!
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I been waiting for mines since July 30th 2018 still not a thing juat a pending deposit notice
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I got a email sayin the reason my deposit was not deposited cause it was returned do the account dose not exist with the giving account number. Fix the account number then deposit will be submitted again well I fixed it. When will I know my deposit is submitted I been waiting since July30
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-Ciao' @Dgk19600-
Let's see...
-You have contacted Customer Care & they responded to you by asking for the account number to be adjusted...
Could be misinformation and OfferUp is doing a "Safety Check"
Will tag Admin for you... @Mj_206
Mj has account eyes & can view more information for you! 👍☺