Pending/Delayed Deposit

Blaming people for this broken shipping is really unprofessional. There is one off situations I agree with that, but I'm sure most people have put the right information needed. Ive sold 5 things through the shipping program, 1st experience was terrible, 2nd-4th were fine, but this last one is my be my very last one. My buyer has rated me and said everything was perfect. My thing still says deposit pending it's passed the 3 day holding period already so I can understand it wont come till next week, but these long wait times are ridiculous. I put the fast deposit method so I'm hoping it works. You see alot in the forums people waiting weeks and some waiting months that's just unacceptable.
Level 1
I sent a item out around the time of the holidays and shipping was late they canceled my payment the buyer received the item I never was paid and I can not view my transaction &receipts.
Level 1
I was able to see my payment &transactions in the app and I switched phones now I cant view that option in my ACCOUNT!Can someone help or have any information on this.