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Thank you so much @Mj_206 .. I am able to resend the TruYou application now. Taking off my contacts and will send the application within the next 5 minutes so it can get approved lol. Thanks again!
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Sent in another application with my contacts off and got an email for “TruYou Application Received,” please approve it as soon as possible as I have 50+ messages to reply to lol. Thanks again @Mj_206 & @Elin 🙂
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Hi again - happy to hear that you were able to submit it again! I'm actually not on the TruYou team, and I'm not able to approve these applications, but I'll let my team know you resubmitted.


Here are a couple of tips the TruYou team gave me for having an application get approved -


Make sure that your ID is in a valid state. Using an expired ID may cause your application to be rejected.

Make sure your selfie is taken in a well-lit area, so that the lighting closely matches the lighting in your ID picture. 

Here are the forms of ID that will work: state-issued photo ID cards, driver’s licenses, or US Passports.


Hope this helps!

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Welp..Can you cancel it again so I can submit it for the 3rd time because it’s stuck on pending again. 😕
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Got an email saying the request was rejected because the lighting was good enough.

Just sent in my 3rd TruYou request and made sure everything was haw it’s supposed to be. All I can do is hope that it gets accepted now.
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@Cakeeater786 That is so weird. Can you confirm that your ID is valid and not expired maybe? 

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@Cakeeater786 Looks like the third time was a charm!! Your account is showing as TruYou verified now Smiley Very Happy

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THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU BOTH 😂😂 @Mj_206 @Elin - You guys rock!

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We Heart you, too!!

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@Cakeeater786 Yes I totally agree @Elin & @Mj_206 both rock!👍