Pending TruYou

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Still haven’t heard back from either. Any other ideas? Because soon I’ll ha e to go buy a new phone and make a new account
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It can be frustrating
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Hi everyone. I was reading and I didn’t know that TruYou was something you had to do. When did this start?


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@Mj_206 Hi again. I was wondering if TruYou was something we had to do. I was reading this post and didn’t know it was something we had to do. Thanks again for your help.

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Hey there, @Jones68! TruYou can be required at times - typically if you're posting high-value items in certain cities. It only takes about 2 minutes to apply! 

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@Mj_206 thank you. Wasn’t sure how it worked.

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@Mj_206 I just got a email with the OfferUp app from a women asking how to mail something using OfferUp. I told her to go to the forums and ask for @Mj_206. I have never mailed anything so I couldn’t answer her questions. Giving you the heads up. Thank you again for all the help you guys gave me. Have a great day.

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 @Angelawinters you could I think ask your question here to @Mj_206. She can point you in the right direction.