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I am new to OfferUp not sure what’s going on. Firstly it told me to verify my email and phone number, which I already have done. Yesterday, however, it asked me to verify TruYou. Firstly I hesitated, but now that I had no choice than to verify since it wouldn’t even let me reply to others, I sent in the request. Now the problem is that it has been stuck on “Pending” for 24hours. I got an email saying that my application was sent and they I will get an email back if they need more information or if my application gets accepted. However, I haven’t gotten an email for either. Right now, I am unable to reply to others, post ads or even edit my posts. Can someone please figure out how I can start posting and replying to others again? This is really irritating and should not be permissible in my opinion. Someone please help out!! Thanks!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU BOTH 😂😂 @Mj_206 @Elin - You guys rock!
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I think they're having server issues.

Apart from people getting hit with mandatory TruYou, ads are coming back to life + old message chains.

Sorry to hear, but it seems you may have to wait it out.

I'm sure it will get solved very soon.

... Hope they were not planning to make TruYou mandatory and it backfired when they mass sent it out with server errors / glitches.
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@goblin Thanks for replying back. I also emailed the Support but didn’t get a response. The verification still shows pending. It’s so annoying, I actually offer good deal and have 23 messages that I’ve gotten from users. However, I am unable to reply to any single one of them. If one of the admins can, please take a look into my account. I have done nothing wrong and this is one of the reasons forcing me to move to 5miles. I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this issue. OfferUp should understand that this is causing their users to transition to other competitive sites!
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@Freeandout2018 I’m sorry I don’t understand.. “Neighbor” ??
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Hello? Has anyone figured this out?? It’s been two days and my account is not working. I’m sorry but this customer service is horrible. None of the admins or anyone can fix this simple issue / glitch.
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Did you contact the OfferUp Twitter directly via Private Message?

Try that if you haven't, you usually get a reply quicker.

If multiple people are having this issue and they are limited in staff who knows how long it will take them to wade through e-mails.

It may or may not be simple fix.

I'm sure they're working on it.

Furthermore, check Spam folder.
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I’ve already checked my spam folder and contacted them through email but no response! I don’t have a Twitter. Is it All this really necessary? My TruYou still shows “pending” which makes no sense whatsoever!
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I contacted them on through Twitter and they told me to contact them on their email “” so I decided to email them. Sent an email 7 hours ago and haven’t gotten a reply. OfferUp has literally won the reward of the worst customer service from me. It has been 3 whole days and they are unable to contact me. This is absurd! If someone can, please reach out to the admins because I can’t handle this anymore!
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@Cakeeater786 You received an email from our Support team on Friday. Did you ever follow their directions? Let me know if you have any questions.