Pending balance/ canceled payment

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I shipped out the item Monday and the payment has been pending and has just now been canceled even though the buyer received the item over 48 hours ago & we’re not sure why it was canceled, but I’ve lost now 250$ & am looking for any support from offerup this is frustrating & I just want the money to be deposited especially after Receiving the item over 48 hours ago , please get back to me as soon as possible this is my 3rd time trying to contact support from offerup & I also emailed the problem as well
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Same problem. Buyer received item then canceled payment.
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Did either of you use the shipping labels sent to you by Offerup? Did you guys complete transactions on the app and not go off the app to do anything as far as payments?
I’m having a similar issue. 7 items shipped and received. Payments still ‘ ‘pending’and not yet put in to account my account. Items shipped in December
And I can’t get anyone from OfferUp to reply to my emails and contact requests
Yes I use OfferUpd shipping labels
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I have the same issue