Pending balance/ canceled payment

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I shipped out the item Monday and the payment has been pending and has just now been canceled even though the buyer received the item over 48 hours ago & we’re not sure why it was canceled, but I’ve lost now 250$ & am looking for any support from offerup this is frustrating & I just want the money to be deposited especially after Receiving the item over 48 hours ago , please get back to me as soon as possible this is my 3rd time trying to contact support from offerup & I also emailed the problem as well
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I have the same problem.
Just as u described.
What else can we do????
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Did you guys go through the app? Did you guys use the shipping label that Offerup sent you guys?
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Hmm, as long as you used our Prepaid labels, the transaction shouldn't be cancelled. We'll make sure your case is escalated, @Scott_lush Smiley Happy

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It's been over 3 wks now and I my Deposits are still pending.Over 133.00 worth.What is the problem?
I emailed u guys over 30 times now.
U have a automatic .message not even a live person responding to my problem..This is Bad very WRONG.
WHERE IS MY 133.00!!!!!!!!
Did you have to verify your social security number ? I had to do that before they would deposit the funds. When that happened I said **bleep** if u can send the money back to the buyer. I'm not putting my SSN in some verification system.
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@Flickertheflame Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Flickertheflame this is probably coming from Stripe, the payment processor. As you know, OfferUp use Stripe to process their payments, and when Stripe can't verify the identity between user and account, they typically require more information. I'd recommend reaching out to Stripe if you're concerned because it’s probably Stripe asking you for your social not OfferUp. 😎🇬🇧🔚