People asking for more pictures

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Also clicks exist. An example one girl made me an offer on some Brand new shoes I accepted her offer, immediately someone else low balls me another $10.00 by now I am fumming and told her you want these shoes? Go to ebay and buy them for 149.00 plus shipping. The first girl for sure told her now you lower the price. Sorry girlies don't mess with me blocked both of them.
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If you already post the max number of pictures don’t accommodate these people. 99% of buyers asking you to post of pictures just in general are scammers and trolls. A real or serious buyer will ask for very specific detail or angle. Just FYI.
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The scammer I already no their mo I get a kick with them the ones that send cashiers check and want to to send them money back. I repirt them to fraud then they call to ask if the check cleared and I laugh and tell them NOPE the F.B.I. has your check.😉😁
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The manure people that low ball me..example if I post a drill hammer for 350.00 he low balls me for 100.00 I tell him for you $500.00 and tell him byeeee and block him.
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I have the best meeting spot THE POLICE STATION😁
I got a message to mark something sold and I do not know how to find out who purchased it. Please help!
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What do they do with your phone number if you give it to them?