People flaking even for free items.

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Anyone else have this happen? You try to give something for free and they flake. SMH
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People'll flake and give an excuse as to why they cant make it. Its happened to me several times in the past few months.
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Some users just need to brush up on their communication skills and use plain ol common courtesy. It only takes a few moments to notify a buyer/seller if something comes up and reschedule if possible. Appreciate the feedback. Ciao´ for now...
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Honestly, I think it's a game. If you say you need pickup of a free item by 6 pm, then at 6:07 you get a plea to come get it. The payoff is how long they can extend the time. The other game is how many emails it takes to get an address. I hit my limit on the game playing this weekend. These folks aren't flakes they're losers.
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I don’t post free items anymore. The amount of messages and choosy beggars took up too much time. It took way too long last time to actually get a person to show up. Now I always post a price even if it’s nominal or I just donate.
Some "buyers" get a giggle out of flaking on other people. I've even known a few who were actually in the parking lot, sitting there just to giggle while watching me looking around like a moron. (As to how I know they were there - they wrote "Ha ha sucker - youre stupid" just before they pulled out of a parking space & waving at
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Really? This is a thing? Yet another reason I often weep for the future of humanity!
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I might have to do this. Lol. It's gotten ridiculous