People that do not respond when selling

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Thanks for your thoughtful tips they're really helpful. Foreal
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@Rickoh--Hello & welcome to the forums!! I hope you continue to interact with us & share your experiences!! Welcome!!
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How does one post a new thread?
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@Lvglam29--Hello & welcome to the forums!! You can go to the upper left corner of your screen & click you'll see a drop down menu. Click on "Discuss." Then click on "Meet the Neighbors." Afterwards you'll see a box to "Start a Topic" click on it. Start typing your title for the discussion in the smaller box. Finally, click on the larger box & type what you'd like to say. Once finished, click post. I hope this helps!!
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No. I typed my own response but still no answer.

yea im having same issues... either im nailing all the fakes and flakes with astonishing accuracy or something is broke on the back end of offerup's services and things arent going through.  

We reply yes, this is available and then nothing. Why ask?

i been trying to get that far with wondering if issue with message system on offerup. i tried many sellers trying to buy stuff and i get no where, i ask if something availble or if they willing to negoiate or somethign but im not seeing any responses anywhere Smiley Sad 


i wonder if im appearing like these flakes to sellers...i hope not

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I get that when I sell on here too. They ask if available and I say yes and they ask can I come? I ask when and then I don't hear anything from them. Frustrating.

i think my issue is down to this error i getting from the back end, looks like message system maybe broken....  explains atleast for me why im getting no where at all!

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