People that do not respond when selling

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This would really help in knowing what’s still valid and most likely to get responded about than just keep a bunch of stuff on ghost sales. I second that
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That is strickingly annoying especially when you know the post is barely a week and you don’t get a response. 2018 started off good for me though, been getting responses maybe coz I stopped getting into my feelings after a no show or no response and just find somebody else with a similar item
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That's awesome that 2018 has kicked off great for you! Best thing you can do is not to allow things to get into feelings @Winnieg.

Here's a short example from my life experience:

I work as an officer in uniform. Highly visible daily; always friendly & professional to public and staff. Woman who works at my courthouse sees me nearly everyday. Now she's been there many, many more years before I came along. She's maybe 65, very quiet and almost timid demeanor. I would ALWAYS speak, greet and say hello. I may have ever gotten 2 responses over the course of 7 years. When she finally retired (after what turned out to be 35 years of service with only taking 3 sick days) I found out she had a hearing deficiency!!

That's why she kept her head down so much. And usually gave just a half smile with eye contact. Can't tell you how small I felt inside because at some point, I allowed it to bother me some. Thankfully, I never stopped saying hello, so at least I didn't make her feel any kind of way because of MY feelings.

Not excusing anyones rotten behavior when it comes to taking people out of their way or not being responsible with other people's time. I don't take no response personal. 

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I hate when they say meet them a no show😝😝😝
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Simply report post and explain why. Offer up takes care of the rest.
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It is so annoying! I am getting really PO'd with these people perhaps the site needs some sort of 'rules' as I see it become bigger and bigger sellers and 'buyers' need to be more reposible and professional. Therefore, intervention might need to be the only solution here to weed out the sellers and buyers that are NOT serious. I know that I was basically the first person that saw an item as I kept refreshing the page, contacted the seller asked if it's available (I ask now because half of their items are NOT) Jesus... how hard can it be to remove the item!!!! Seller she said 'YEAH'  just like that... nothing else so I supposed its available. I said I wanted it and I was ready to pick it up, nothing, I sent another message at full price nothing, 4 days later she says I sold it. WTH? I stayed home waiting for buyers as well after back and forth for hours. It's wearing me out as a seller and as a buyer, and shouldn't we be able to rate someone on the part that says, responds within a few minutes??? or does not even respond or this is only when the item is sold?

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I never meet without talking to someone on the phone and leave to meet only after they inform me that they have left
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Hi @Phil_Webber welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
OfferUp recommends keeping your communications in the OfferUp messaging system, I stopped giving out my personal information years ago, but that’s just me, because there’s way too many spammers - scammers - trolls, I recommend checking there profile page to see how reliable they are, at least if they are long time members there’s information for you to get a feel of the person your dealing with. If they are new members I just use my gut feeling after having conversations with them, keeping in mind we all were new in the beginning. Just stay in contact with the person, message the person 1/2 hour before the meeting time just to remind people sometimes people forget.
I myself meet two minutes from my house. telling people message me when you are at the meeting place, then telling them I’ll be there in two minutes. This has really cut down on no shows. If for some reason you get a no show your just out a few minutes. since doing this I’ve had not one no show. 🤞when I explain my reason buyers totally understand, if people get rude when I tell them how I meet they usually are the no shows, I just report them and block people because those people you don’t want to do deal with.
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Marking it sold personally doesn't bother me, it's the fact that they don't say, "sorry I have sold it to someone else already" or "sorry I got a better offer I cannot pass up."

I think communication is lacking sometimes.

I've found that they don't reply to you unless someone else flakes on them, which again, I'd say is no excuse to ignore you.
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@goblin Hey Smiley Happy Do you have any ideas on how we can make this better for everyone involved? I'd love to hear feedback on what you think would help members be more communicative through the app.